Music and Lyrics by Slowstepper  
© Slowstepper 2021



Terra is the debut album from Slowstepper, a new experimental multimedia music outfit from the UK and the Netherlands. The band is headed up by theatre and music makers Max Barton and Jethro Cooke, who founded the award-winning theatre/music company Second Body - their theatre concert STYX has toured to Australia, London and Edinburgh, received eight ★★★★★ reviews, and was set to tour again pre-pandemic. Between them they have made music and theatre work for several-thousand capacity venues from Austria to South Africa.   


Terra is a multi-pronged project. The concept album sits at the centre, but there is also a podcast series in development, an epic live show and plans for a series of films. All of the material is united in dealing with the living being we call Earth; by fusing together cutting edge climate science, Gaia theory and searing original music, Terra gives voice to an array of the creatures who make up our planetary super-organism. In the process it explores how we might learn from the natural world in order to collectively build a sustainable future, take responsibility for our part in the climate crisis, and find hope in the face of encroaching disaster.

The creatures at the heart of Terra also play various different active roles within the compositions - for instance the album features songs constructed from migratory birdsong, the mating call of the arctic fox, and one generated using the genetic code of COVID-19 itself. Further tracks entitled Terra I through VI are collages constructed from lyrical and musical material drawn from the other tracks in combination, metaphorically giving voice to the planet as a whole.